Guess Wut

My very first app, which presents you with a chain of numbers that you have to remember and enter again correctly

On Time(table)

An alternative timetable app to use with your German Untis login. All you have to do is select your school and credentials


HPOpenWeather is a cross-platform Swift framework to communicate with the OpenWeatherMap JSON API

A little something about me

My name is Henrik Panhans and I'm a iOS Developer and Computer Science student, currently living in Berlin. I started learning Swift as my first programming language a couple months after it was first released in 2014 and have fallen in love with it more and more since then.

Until today I have released seven apps on the App Store and several frameworks on Github.

Recently I got the urge to try something new so I started building this website and decided to write articles about interesting Swift features or how to implement certain things.